Exhibition of ancient prints from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century on the trades of the past

A fascinating exhibition that will allows the visitors to "dress the clothes" of shoemakers, hosts, street vendors and many other characters from the past, which today represent one of the most fascinating pages of history, the most tangible one not by big events, but by everyday life.
On display ancient original prints from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century on itinerant trades in Central Italy and the ancient Kingdom of Naples. The prints are signed by internationally renowned artists such as Annibale Carracci, Filippo Palizzi and Bartolomeo Pinelli, who over the centuries have produced a vast collection of works, tangible evidence of the arts and popular traditions in Italy.
It is an exhibition of undoubted originality of more than 100 specimens: an exhibition of works that, by presenting popular customs and habits, allows us to discover both the styles of dress and the habits of a not too distant past.
Industrial development has jeopardized traditional trades, many of which have disappeared or are on the way to extinction. A part of them, however, has resisted the advance of industrial civilization. These are crafts such as the sculptor, the stonemason, the restorer of art furniture, the lace-maker, etc. In this era that is facing a new technological revolution, the defense of arts and crafts that have made our country famous throughout the world allows us to enhance our history and our traditions and make them known to the public, especially to the youngest and to the children.

Exhibitions realized:

  • Pescara November 2009
  • Potenza Picena (MC) July 2011
  • Ascoli Piceno May 2016

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us

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