Ideation, implementation and communication of exhibitions, events and meetings


We support companies and institutions in the organization of exhibitions, events and artistical-cultural meetings, offering technical, commercial and artistic advice

We take care of all the phases of the realization of an event

Our association supports companies and institutions in the organization of exhibitions, events and artistical-cultural meetings, offering both technical-commercial advice (transport of works, insurance, logistics, communication) and artistic (choice of artists and works).

We take care of all the phases of the realization of an event, starting, if necessary, from its ideation to cover all the practical aspects, including communication. We are able to manage and customize each event according to the client's needs.

The experience gained over the years allows us to harmonize the commitment to conservation and enhancement of art, history, culture and traditions of our territory, with the technical and scientific needs necessary to meet the most varied needs of the market. The organization and communication, to be effective and targeted, must be the sum of a series of individual actions coordinated and managed in an integrated way. For the realization of an exhibition, we proceed by step:

  • concept ideation
  • feasibility study of the project (with possible economic evaluations and search for sponsors and/or collaborations)studio di fattibilità del progetto (con eventuali valutazioni di tipo economico e ricerca sponsor e/o collaborazioni)
  • development of the guidelines, conceptual and organizational (from the development of the critical text, to the communication system and external relations up to the type of set-up)
  • monitoring of the activity (also through stable facilities at the exhibition space, guided tours and management of external relations and stakeholders according to the exhibition)
  • analysis of the results, which can be based on an economic evaluation (deriving from the sale of the works or merchandising, for example) or on the confirmation of visibility (public participation, feedback in terms of sponsorship, etc.)

The organization of the event can count on an institutional location or provide the search for a suitable venue. Subsequently, all the steps useful to promote the participation of the target (direct mailing, flyers, posters, web promotion, press contacts, advertising ...), practical organization and public relations activities are developed.

Editorial activities


The exhibition events can be accompanied by the publication of a catalog in which the photographic repertoire of the exhibited works is accompanied by a section of in-depth essays entrusted to experts of the subject. It is possible to personalize the catalog with the logos and the greetings of the proposing authorities and of any sponsors.

Re-editions and reprints

We conduct study activities, re-edition and reprint of ancient volumes and cartographic documents, possibly customizable with the logos of the proposing authorities and sponsors.


With an eye always focused on innovation and the application of new technologies to cultural heritage, we have started the creation of special APPs dedicated to the exhibitions that accompany the public through a virtual guided tour, with insights on the works and contents of the exhibition.

Event organization

There are initiatives, ideas, opportunities for communication that arise from recurrences and/or creative ideas, and whose logic is linked to contents that may be among the most varied. These can be exhibitions dedicated to great personalities of culture, society, historical events and particular folklore, to popular traditions to be rediscovered.

These events are often aimed at promoting tourism in the area of ​​reference, based on a type of tourism linked to cultural activities and the transmission of knowledge.

We aim at forms of tourism linked to the specificities of the territories, to culture and to enogastronomy. Our aim is to create an offer that has as its core the "territory", intended as the evolution and unique intertwining of varied cultural, natural and human aspects, which is oriented to the most effective and efficient satisfaction of the needs of well-identified segments of market, and that is able to make the offer unique and recognizable.

Our commitment is concentrated above all on the exhibition activity. Many of the events realized are centered on the Gianni Brandozzi Collection, linked to different fields, from ancient cartography to ceramics, from sculpture to the furnishings of ancient taverns and historical and commemorative bottles.