The exhibition intends to present ancient angels of the popular tradition of central Italy

Baroque is the era of the angels: in between seventeenth and eighteenth centuries a multitude of winged figures invades the churches of the Italian peninsula, bringing a note of joy within the austere sacred halls. Molded in the stucco by the hands of famous sculptors. Carved in wood by skilled craftsmen, carved in rare or more common stones, angels and cherubs echo in the clouds, joking from the tympanums of the altars, descending along the columns smiling at the church-goers.
(Stefano Papetti, "From heaven with angels")

150 antique sculptures of angels, from the 15th to the 19th century, made of gilded wood, papier-mache and terracotta, form the sacred art section of the Gianni Brandozzi Collection. The works come from a meticulous work of collecting ancient sculptures, mainly from the territory of central Italy.
The collection is particularly suitable for display on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Valentine's Day and Easter festivities.

Exhibitions realized:

  • Recanati (MC) December 1995
  • Siracusa June 1999
  • Sarnano (MC)  May 2007
  • Todi (PG) December 2009
  • Verona 2009
  • Chieti  2010
  • Ascoli Piceno 2011
  • Assisi  July 2015
  • San Benedetto del Tronto December 2016
  • Giulianova (TE) December 2017

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us

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