Italian wine culture through a unique collection of ancient mugs

The collection of wine mugs from the Gianni Brandozzi Collection is one of the most important private ceramic collections in Italy. The passion for ceramics and the charm of tangibly preserving the memory of "lived objects", which have accompanied the daily life of our ancestors over the centuries, both in everyday work (Boccali, Quartare, Trufi ...), and in devotional trips and pilgrimages (Borracce, Fiasche da Pellegrino ...), have allowed to put together, over the years, a large amount of objects of popular art, expression of the tradition of central and southern Italy from the 16th to the 19th century . The collection has about 700 pieces of ceramics coming mainly from Marche, Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia and Calabria. The exhibition is set on antique counters and tavern furnitures.
The exhibition of “Boccali diVini” wants to retrace the ancient ritual of drinking over time, to unite the modern tradition of promoting typical products of excellence and D.O.C. wines, through tasting evenings and themed tastings.
The cultural exhibition accompanies the creation of a tourist reception path, which combines the promotion of the territory in an original proposal of food and wine tourism, to attract new segments of demand and generate positive social repercussions thanks to the promotion of popular traditions.
For the promotion of typical local products we propose the creation of a "tourist box", with images of the location of the exhibition, containing wines, local specialties and tourist brochures, to be used for sale.

Exhibitions realized:

  • Bruxelles October 2007
  • Arezzo November 2007
  • Porto San Giorgio October 2009

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us