Osteria Museum as a multi-sensory path between art and food and wine

The historical artistic heritage and the typical food and wine represent the cultural richness of the cities with historical centers of particular beauty. In fact, many visitors choose certain territories, attracted by the evocative architecture, the fascinating works of art and the products of the gastronomic tradition, refined and genuine. However, it is necessary to devise new formulas for combining the main aspects of a territory, since in the tourism industry it is necessary to compete through interdisciplinary and multi-sensory events able to valorise traditions and artistic heritage in an innovative way, in order to satisfy an increasingly demanding public.
Hence the idea of ​​the "Osteria Museum" event that combines the historical-artistic features of the exhibition venue, the popular traditions and the recovery of some typical food and wine.
The event Osteria Museum intends to create a multi-sensory path within the historical centers, which involves the visitor in an evocative journey in the places of origin of culture and popular tradition. On show the furnishings of old taverns that will return to welcome local and foreign patrons and to be the theater of meetings, tastings, debates, musical performances, theatrical animations, games, artistic experiences, places to meet and exchange ideas.
The event lends itself particularly to being hosted in ancient cloisters, in places often hidden among the dense streets of the city and little known and usable by the general public, contributing to their valorization. The set up can be used as a "showcase" for the promotion of local food and wine specialties: can be organized aperitifs and tastings by proposing recipes and tastings to be served with drinks typical of the traditional taverns of the territory.

Exhibitions realized:

  • Pescara August 2008
  • Amalfi November 2012
  • Colonnella (TE) August 2012
  • Potenza Picena (MC) November 2014
  • Loreto September 2014
  • Ascoli Piceno July 2015
  • Recanati July 2016

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us

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