An exhibition of ancient satirical cartography of Europe in the period between the late nineteenth century and the Great War

On the occasion of the commemorations for the centenary of the First World War, an exhibition of ancient satirical maps of Europe is proposed in the period between the end of the nineteenth century and the Great War.

A precious collection of geographical maps recounting in a humorous way the tensions between the various European countries at the dawn of the conflict. An opportunity to deepen an important historical period through documents that crystallize national stereotypes through symbols that are still relevant today and tell the social developments of the era not only in politics, but in the new artistic and communication styles.

The cartographic collection proposes names of important cartographers and journalists of the time, from the English Fred Rose to the Italian Galantara, artists who succeed in enclosing in symbols the complex social context at the dawn of the Great War. The exhibition includes the presentation of the original documents with didactic essays, the screening of a film and the creation of the catalog a greater dissemination of documents.


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Mostre realizzate:

  • Tolentino August 2014
  • Todi (PG) April 2015
  • Cosenza May 2015
  • Lanciano June 2015
  • Lavarone (TN) July 2015
  • L’Aquila January 2016
  • Matera April 2016

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us