The imagery of great artists to discover that "the most beautiful of the seas is the one we did not sail".

The itinerary of the exhibition declines the relationship between man and sea in its most fascinating implications. Through the enlightened gaze of great artists of the twentieth century, including De Pisis, Licini, Pericoli, Warhol, able to better understand the unfathomable mystery of the sea and to translate it into a lyrical gesture, a multitude of sentiments and fundamental questions emerges, as if the mirror of water were that of the human soul.Scrolling masterpieces of painters such as De Chirico, Consorti, Carrà, Pazienza, Fazzini or De Dominicis, the visitor is invited to reflect on crucial and unavoidable themes. The sea, an accomplice of man's restlessness, is a perennial challenge to overcome himself and his own fears. Sea that unites separated countries, sea as horizon or sky on earth, but also sea as fear of the unknown and image of the infinity that always attracts the thought, challenging the intelligence to overcome its columns of Hercules.Sea as a desire for communion with nature, a privileged setting for following the transit of the sun and the turning of the seasons; instinct to take off in search of new landings, meetings and landscapes. The sea is horizon, line of the infinite, source of imagination and inspiration.
The imaginary of great artists transforms the exhibition venue into the starting point of a journey at the end of which we discover that "the most beautiful of the seas is the one we did not sail".

Exhibitions realized:

  • San Benedetto del tr. 15 July - 22 October 2017

The exhibition is available for temporary exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. For more information contact us